Safety at Little Dixie

At Little Dixie Landfill, keeping our community and our workers safe is the most important thing we do. Safety is a priority throughout our operations, from the very base of our landfill’s liner to the trucks we screen as they enter our gates.

How We Protect the Community

  • Built strong: Our on-site employees have over 90 years of combined waste management experience.

  • Protects groundwater and surface water: Little Dixie Landfill is protective of the regional groundwater quality by utilizing an engineered liner and leachate collection system. Protection is verified with four individual groundwater monitors. We contract with hydrogeologists, engineers, and environmental technicians utilizing the latest laboratory analysis techniques to verify that groundwater and surface water leaving the site are not degraded.

  • Protects the air: Landfill gas is collected through a system of 161 extraction wells. The Landfill’s surface is routinely scanned for gas emissions and exterior gas probes are also regularly monitored to ensure the landfill gas system is operating properly.

  • Monitored continuously: Sophisticated safety equipment and trained personnel monitor all aspects of the landfill and ensure that only non-hazardous materials are disposed.

  • Screened for radiation: Little Dixie Landfill screens every load of waste for radiation with industrial radiation monitoring  equipment. This ensures that waste that enters the site is free from harmful radioactive material.

  • Screened for hazardous waste: Electronic and hazardous waste is removed from the waste stream so it is not disposed of at the Landfill.

  • Exceeds standards: Little Dixie Landfill meets or exceeds all federal, state and local environmental and safety standards.

  • Inspected regularly: Little Dixie Landfill is inspected at least semiannually by MDEQ.

  • Overseen continuously: We use sophisticated data management software that allows operators to monitor the gas collection system right from their smartphones. This ensures that our personnel are informed about our infrastructure operation 24-hours a day.